F10 products are used all around the world by hobbyists and professional animal keepers alike.  Often we get the question “How do I know F10 works?”

Here you will find a compilation of F10 uses and reviews by professionals.  Please note that this information is for informational purposes only.  F10 products should be used according to the product labeling.


Respiratory Disease in Exotics and Small Mammals.


Control of Circovirus Infection in Psittacine Birds using F10SC Disinfectant and Avian Gamma Interferon.
Use of F10SC Disinfectant to Decontaminate Aviaries


Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) and Zone of Inhibition Determination Methods to be Used
When Testing F10SC Disinfectants


Determination of disinfectant residues in tissue after oral supplementation of drinking water with F10SC disinfectant


The Need for Biosecurity in a Veterinary Practice Today


F10, A Novel Product Range Most Suited to a Zoological Medicine


Some Experiences in the Use of F10 in the Treatment of Reptiles


The Use of F10 in Falcon Medicine: Practical Applications


The Role of F10 Products in the Aviculture Health and Hygiene Strategy at the New International Centre for Birds of Prey


Some Experiences and Successes with F10 Products in Equine Practice


Biofilms – Importance and Control in Biosecurity and Disease Management from a Veterinary Perspective


F10 Used to Treat Abscesses in Two African Elephants


F10 Used in the Process of Enucleation and Exenteration in Exotic Animals